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Every client can expect Alexa Ross Law Firm Consulting to deliver five essential elements:


We listen to you. You are the focus. Your equity partners' vision, values, and commitment to one another. These are the cornerstone of your greater success, and we will honor them.


We  work with you. We learn from the inside, and then we analyze and assess. We review all relevant data you provide, meet with your colleagues, and do whatever else is needed to really understand your practice and your business. We do not walk in your firm with written instructions or cookie-cutter questions. 


We strategize a plan targeted to your law firm. The strategic plan considers the legal industry in which you operate, your growth plans, your overhead, your client base, your case staffing, your reputation, your branding, your community involvement – and every other factor pertinent to your greater success.


We provide you experienced professionals with impressive success records. Depending on your firm’s needs,  available are experts in succession planning, accounting, communications, tax, merger and acquisition, and operations structuring.


We put skin in the game.  Our compensation depends in part on your success.


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